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My Pelican Image Featured on the Rottnest Island Instagram Page

I was excited this morning to see that the official Rottnest Island Instagram page have posted one my images on their feed:



I’ve visited Rottnest Island twice this year, and both times I’ve taken my camera with me.

There’s so many beautiful beaches and signs to see, and there always seems to be plenty of Pelicans there too.

The Pelican pictured below was perched on the jetty pole, so I waited there patiently until he finally flew off into the distance. The image was captured back in July.

The original uncropped image can be seen here on Flickr (click on the image to view all of the details on Flickr):

Australian Pelican taking off

Naples From Above

As you can probably tell, it was a very cloudy and gloomy day in Naples, Italy when I took this photo.

I think this shot demonstrates how common it is for an Italian city to be right on the coastline, with the wilderness right next door.

f/8 | 1/90 sec | ISO 125
Canon 24-105mm F4 with Metabones Adapter at 24 mm
Sony A7RII

This is one of the first panoramas I’ve taken using my new Sony A7RII. The resulting file is a whopping 13,319 x 6042 pixels (343MB). It’s 7 individual photos stitched together in Photoshop.

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Fishing at Woodman Point Jetty

Woodman Point Jetty, busy with fisherman and Pelicans.

These two pelicans were hoping for a free feed, but unfortunately the fish weren’t coming to the party!

f/2.8 | 1/640 sec | ISO 320
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L @35mm
Canon 5D Mk III

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Swan River Sunrise

Swan River Sunrise

Swan River Sunrise

A quick snap taken (using my Nexus 5) on my morning commute last week.

Taken from the jetty in front of the Old Swan Brewery in Perth, Western Australia.

I am constantly surprised by the beauty I see while riding my bike along the Swan River through South Perth and Kings Park!

Blue Lake, Mt Gambier

On a recent drive across Australia, I stopped at the Blue Lake, in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

This fascinating landmark is located inside an inactive volcano.

Each year, the lake completely changes colour to a fantastic turquoise blue.

Amazingly, this lake serves as the main water supply for the town of Mount Gambier.

This images is two separate photos merged into a single panorama.

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